Thursday, March 25, 2010


this video speaks for itself. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Trip to Palm Springs!

Well, I uploaded our pictures from our trip to California but haven't had any time to go through them...luckily Mom (Grandma H, that is) has put a bunch of her pics online...they are excellent, so check them out at this link:

Camryn had a great first vacation...she handled the flights to-and-from CA like a pro (and got TONS of compliments from all the other passengers and flight attendants) and she loved the nice warm weather in california. In 1 week she had her first 1.)plane ride 2.)cable car ride up a mountain 3.)trip to california (obviously) and 4.)her first swim in a pool.

Lets see...I had my first plane ride at age 12, my first trip to california at age 29 (ie, last week) and my first cable car ride up a mountain at age 29 (ie, last week) so this kid's gonna be pretty well traveled before she can even walk... Hopefully she will carry a love of traveling throughout her life and will get to see every corner of the world...well, maybe not EVERY corner...but a decent amount of nooks, at least.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for having us out in Palm Springs for the week! We had such a great time, and just like all vacations, it went by to fast!! We loved being out in the beautiful weather with you guys and we can't wait to do it again next year (and bring Camryn down the water slide at the pool :) It was a great week, and we all had a wonderful time with Mom (Grandma), Dad (Grandpa), (Auntie) Jess, and (Unkie) Solar and Camryn's new friends Conrad and Beverly (whose very nice gift -- a framed picture of Camryn -- has been prominently featured in our living room since we came home last week).

Unforgettable time in California!! We cannot WAIT to do it again!! Until then, Camryn has what is commonly known as the travel bug, so Florida here we come!! See you in May, Mickey :)

Oh and here is Camryn enjoying her first plane rides (the first was from Albany to Chicago, the second is from Chicago to Palm Springs and the third is her sleeping on Mommy's shoulders from Palm Springs to Chicago on the way back):