Friday, June 4, 2010

A few great pictures from Florida

These are all from Uncle Pete's camera. We had a BEAUTIFUL day at the beach in Clearwater on Sunday (May 30). Blue skies, white sand, bathtub-like ocean conditions, some cold drinks and delicious burgers followed up by a PERFECT sunset. It was a great day, and a great vacation. Camryn is now a grizzled veteran when it comes to traveling and she had a wonderful time in Florida all week.
We did Universal, saw Pete, Carolyn and Corey, and did a LOT of relaxing and unwinding. Can't wait to be back so we can visit Harry Potter next!!

Oh, and Uncle Pete was the one taking these pictures so unfortunately he's not in any of them...and unfortunately the only photo i have access to at work is this one:

Just picture palm trees and the beach in the background and a bathing suit and tee shirt instead of a dress shirt and tie...

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